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Our Mission Statement The purpose of H³ Touch ®️ Infant Massage center is to promote the quality communication through touch by helping pre-parents, parents and caregivers develop healthy attachments with the children they are nurturing. We believe that establishing these bonds early improves trust and communication for a lifetime as well as helping children develop a better sense of their own bodies and their self-esteem. We provide support to pre-parents, parents and caregivers in the art of communicating love through touch. “Infant massage is the live voice of humanity, of the love for one another, of the complexity of a moment’s intimacy” 我們的信念 親子按摩為父母提供一個優質的親子時間。Infant Baby Massage 嬰兒按摩是為父母、準父母及照顧者提供一個專業觸感療法訓練,從而讓他們得到優質親子時間,我們深信透過父母和嬰兒愛的接觸和全心的關懷,能加強父母和嬰兒之間的情感維繫,注入愛的元素,為嬰兒快樂人生奠定重要基礎。 「嬰兒按摩是人類活聲音,是表現對互相的愛,是複雜既親密的一刻」 我們提供國際認証兒童及嬰兒按摩導師課程, 嬰孩瑜伽導師課程, 產前/後孕婦按摩課程, 寵物按摩課程及香薰治療按摩及天然護膚品DIY課程. 我們是亞洲區及中國香港唯一國際治療師協會認可的課程提供機構.
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